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Ever wondered how millions of data points captured by LiDAR can bring you accurate topographic maps? The point cloud (the term for the point data set collected by LiDAR), is simply a collection of XYZ points with a few additional attributes such as laser intensity, RGB color, and GPS timestamp. These points can easily be processed by automated algorithm employed by several LiDAR processing software. First, the algorithm will try to find any outliers and noise in the data and delete or classify them as noise. The remaining points are then analyzed further to find ground points, this time, specific parameters are applied to make sure the ground point detection algorithm mode is well suited for the type of the terrain/situation.

We’re just back from a 1700 hectares survey using photogrammetry in Penajam, East Kalimantan. While it’s not the most suitable method to provide highly accurate topographic data, some of our clients stick to photogrammetry due to its relatively economic cost, and their primary needs is high resolution aerial photo mosaic. The client is a coal mining company which is expanding its operation area. We brought 2 DJI Phantom 4 to project site to speed up data collection process. We know that a fixed wing drone equipped with RTK would be the ideal solution here, but for the time being we are limited to those two trusted Phantoms.

TOP Aerial is pleased to be showcasing LiDAR data acquisition services at booth A32 during The Indonesia Infrastructure Week 2018, taking place at the Jakarta Internasional Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, between 31 October & 2 November 2018.

In its 6th year, the Indonesia Infrastructure Week (IIW) 2018 would bring together some 16,000 trade & professional attendees from across the Transport, Energy, Utilities and Construction & Engineering Sectors. For 3 days, all the key stakeholders from across the Indonesia infrastructure supply chain come together to learn about new opportunities, exchange ideas, see the latest products & services and network with their peers.